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File: Clip_2.jpg (229 KB, 706x818)
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Hey /3/
Ive been studying modeling and Im stuck with this topology.
Its a cross between a cube and a cylinder, but the problem lies where they encounter, I cant manage to make a clean quad topology.

I already applied a quad chamfer on their edges but I dont really know how to go on. As you can see there are too many tension points where the vertex joins, any solution or tips?

Thanks in advance
lol you just need to delete the line in the middle of the tip and its all quads
File: Clip_3.jpg (88 KB, 1492x392)
88 KB
I tried that already but it ends up horrible when applying turbosmooth
I need to move that tension point anywhere else, to the sides maybe
lol just push that vertex up so it doesnt pinch down
Lol just
So keep in mind I did this quick. What you would have to do is spend some time and relax these vertices so that mesh smooths better.

You can see how it's a bit lumpy on the sides, you can actually fix that pretty easily by moving some verts around.
File: render.png (528 KB, 1509x1756)
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528 KB PNG

I guess it didn't want to include my pic
File: Clip_4.jpg (224 KB, 771x837)
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224 KB JPG
thank you for taking the time!
I did this one and kinda worked, my tension points went to both sides (red boxes) and now I have a smoother corner.
I used the normal chamfer (2 sides) instead of quad chamfer. I really need to learn when to use one or the other.

Im going to try your solution
ur'e welcum ;^)))
File: render.png (407 KB, 2024x960)
407 KB
407 KB PNG

Hey, actually wanted to try one more thing.

The solution I posted before was using 32 sides, after thinking about it, I changed it to 24 sides and came up with this.

I think it smooths a lot better, and the topo is cleaner as well.

Hope it helps.
Are you always using quad chamfer for the edges? Or just the normal tri one with 2 sides?
I always have trouble on which one to use.

That solution looks nice, saving image for later try

I actually do it manually with cut. And then eyeball it even by moving verts with edges on (meaning the verts follow the edges, it's an option in edit poly)

Not a mistery why you have tension, you have a triangle neighbouring an ngon

Sort this out and you should be gone.
Also use symmetry so you only have to fix it once
File: image.png (432 KB, 640x1136)
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432 KB PNG

Me again, just remembered I have saved an example just like yours in pinterest, check it out

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