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File: how do i cut edge.png (133 KB, 1089x571)
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Im using solidworks trying to cut this model into a bladed edge, Im trying to use lofted cut to capture the curved contours in the cut. Keep on getting errors no matter how I mix and match the guided curves and the profiles.

Any ideas?
It's probably because the chamfer will go through the square hole

Try to insert the chamfer on the tree before the hole. As long as the hole doesn't use anything as reference you should be fine
-why lofted cut?
-why not just chamfer or swept cut?
- sometimes the problem happens on edges (zero thickness geometry or something like that) Try making those triangles, that you are trying to cut out, bigger. Make the edges go over the edges of stock part. But than be careful how you put those guide curves.
- another option: Cut the whole edge off and then make Lofted bose/base of the shape you want.
The problem is your profile; you have the triangle as a profile and a line going out of it, which is also a profile, remove it and use only one guide curve.
Better if you "convert entity" (over a 3D sketch) your most external edge and you use it as a guide curve.
But as I see you could use also chamfer

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