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What /is/ zbrush? What is it for? Is it just for sculpting an already created model? I'm a newb, just been working in blender so far, but I'm curious since I see it mentioned a lot.
you start from a shape (from a library that can be expanded) and shape it like clay into super high detail meshes tham can be exported in a lowerpoly mesh with a normalmap simulating the highpoly verticles

sorry im drunk
I don't know how long it's going to take for me to not be surprised at production software prices.
zbrush is solely for high levels sculpting (millions of polygons).

you can sculpt in blender as well, but you need a good grasp of the controls.
however zbrush have a big learning curve

But you could earn upwards of 120k a year as a freelancer.
If you upload any of your tutor4u (or any tutorial) work to a webzone (deviantart, furaffinity, whatever) PLEASE credit the authors

Fucking HATE seeing on art sites when some faggot will upload the tutor4u cup or bear and post "I'm new to Blender, I just made this bear! =)"

No, no you didn't make it, you followed a cook book recipe and perfectly replicated someone else's creation.

Anyway, Zbrush is like blender's sculpt mode but imagine if a ton of people being paid real dollars were working on it to improve it, and it had a huge community making and selling improvements (brushes, textures, automated features), and so on; that's Zbrush
I thought the tutor4u stuff was actually common knowledge, I see it around all the time, OP of this thread by the way.

And interesting, thanks for the answer! I actually haven't worked with sculpt mode for blender yet, still something to get to.
Is it a waste of time to do small things that are not organics in z brush over max?

For example. For arch viZ sometimes I wanr a new lamp or funky sofa or chair, I can do these things in max but have never tried zbrush. With experience is whipping something out with zbrush faster? I don't mind learning if it will save me time in the future.

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