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So /3/, I'm having a weird issue. I'm trying one of my first non-tutorial pieces in blender, but whenever I switch to edit mode, it will only allow me to edit the last object I had selected. As in my picture, I can't mess with the non-pre selected objects at all. I figure I must have hit a weird setting at some point, can anyone help me set it right?
It might help if you explain step by step what you try to do.

I don't know how familiar you are with Blender, but you can edit only one object at a time. If you select multiple objects before you go into edit mode, you can only edit the last selected object.

Either join the different objects into one, or select only the object you wish to edit.
Well that's odd, I could have sworn going into object mode allowed you to edit all present objects. Thanks for the answer anyway, like I said, I just got done with a tutorial series, so barely familiar at this point.

Nope, you can't do that :-)

If it helps, you should consider objects as a container that can be modified in simple ways separately from the mesh.

It is possible to switch and change meshes between object, and the mesh will take on the deformation/scale/position of the object.

You can also apply those simple changes, resetting location, rotation and scale to 0, transferring that data to the mesh.

OP, there's an add-on that will let you edit multiple objects at once. I forget what it's called but it's one of the standard built-in add-ons that you just enable.

Alternatively, you can Join objects together (you can separate them at any time with Separate) but then modifiers get applied to the whole collection of objects (which can be good or bad)

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