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Hey guys, pls help. I keep getting this list of errors after I rebuild the lighting in UE4. all of them having something to do with "overlapping UVs"
I don't understand what that means and how to fix it... how are my UVs overlapping? since there is nothing complex on my scene i simple unwraped it all by adding a "uv map" on it setting it to plane, box or cylinar (depending on what the object is) then adjusting the gizmo to fit the texture.

is that wrong?
Are you using some jenky imported model?
>jenky imported model

what do you mean?

if you're asking if i downloaded my models, its a no. i made them all.
File: 3883c4075f[1].jpg (201 KB, 1140x749)
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this is how the models start looking.
Read about light maps in UE wiki and how to deal with those UVs. You will probably have to tweak or create a new UV channel just for light.
I can garuantee you'll find an answer in the unreal engine forums. This question is asked a lot there.
Are you importing from Blender?
No I import them from 3ds max. I think the peoblem is that I build my level in max and export majority of the level under one fbx file. I just tried to export them in peices and some if the problems got fixed (tho it still says there is a error but I dont get that textures >>529084
File: 7c0defb705[1].jpg (406 KB, 1596x978)
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Update: i figured out the problem, when the FBX is too high poly its unable to create a 2nd UV channel for lightmap

but 1 question. does having bigger UV islands for your light map make any difference? does it make the lighting look better or does that not matter?

because this is how the light map UVs look on my floor, they are very small islands
Oh I see. Yeah you can't do that. You import just the terrain/base mesh of the level or build it out of individual modular pieces in UE4. Then you populate the level with individual assets manually (in the engine) and rebuild the lighting. Each individual asset has to have its own UV maps.
they have their own uv map for the texture that words grate but for the lighting its kinda weird.

but, does having really small UV islands for the lighting map effect the way it catches light, because as of now it dosnt look like it does,

P.S. I hate building a scene in the engine, i like doing it in 3ds max because i can quickly remodel something, or re-uv map it, or change the texture and readjusit better, without having to do it, than export it out, than re import it, bla bla bla

P.P.S. hmm, i tried importing a big scene and checking off the box for "combine mesh" and it still was fucked up.. it shouldn't be tho. odd

Anon you're gonna want to increase the size so that there is only 2-5px between each island.

why, how does that effect the lighting?
i want to know for the future

Your problem might be due to the padding of your UV islands. You will need at least 2 - 4 pixels of padding. If you setup your grid right in Max on your UV texture editor you can actually snap all your UV shells to your grid for perfect alignment and you can give 2 - 4 pixels of padding between your shells to stop that bleeding your having on your model with the lightmaps.

Find out what resolution you want your lightmaps (I would go no higher than 64 px) and divide your resolution by 1 (divide 1 by 64 = 0.015625) the '0.015625' would be your grid size. You will need to snap all your UV shells to the grid, making sure no UV shells fall between the grid lines. You can downscale your UV layout looking at the screenshots above your shells seem a bit big for a lightmap, remember this isn't a texture UV layout, your shells don't have to be big to get a better resolution as long as your snapping your UV's to your grid and giving the correct padding you will have super clean lightmaps :)

One more thing to note once you have fixed your grid size and snapped all your islands downscale your UV shells and make sure between each shell there is 2 grid spaces there (that would be 2 px padding for your islands). Hope that helps man, lightmaps are a nightmare lol

-- Unwrapping UVs for lightmaps:


-- Computing Lightmap UVs:

oh so i just need to create a 2nd UV slot and just box unwrap it and snap them together with 2 PX of space in between, ok, doesn't sound too complicated.
P.S. since you sound like you know your UE4, you mind answering another question?

when i was playing around in unreal engine, the materials had a slot for a hight map, that made terrain textures like rocks, dirt and whatever look sooo much more realistic and better in a way just a normal map cant (im sure you already know)

is there a way to add that in UE4? because there is no hight map slot on the material and all the videos on youtube just teach you how to generate a whole terrain using a hight map, not how to use it on a material

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