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Hey /3/ So I'm new to rigging, and I'm making a giant, cartoon-ish, disgusting foot for a video game.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to make an IK rig for it. I want to have controls to fold the foot inwards from each side, or have each toe's root effect the other toes roots much like on a real foot, but I don't really know how.

Any tips on rigging in general would be appreciated.
feet don't use IK sempai

> have each toe's root effect the other toes roots much like on a real foot

Just animate that

Try a "copy rotation" constraint
Make the daddy toe control bring the other toes up as far as you'd like.
to make toes spread you can make the toes rotate in the opposite direction.

You can always animate the constraint slider if you ever need more freedom for your toe stubbign animations
If you add more geometry to the toes and the area above (between the ball and toes) you can just use corrective blend shapes to add in the deformation.

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