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As you can probably tell, I'm pretty new to 3D work. Me and my friends are /tg/ roleplayers and for our latest game I've been doing some illustrations of the various things the characters encounter. For most of the creatures, I've found sculptris is a quick and easy tool, but it isn't as well suited to other things.

I've been especially struggling with plants. They are blobby organic forms, so not suited to something like sketchup, but need repetitive shapes for things like leaves which there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do in sculptris.

I've also found that sculptris is very bad at handling thin surfaces like fish fins, bat wings and cactus spines.

Is there any free program which is better for that kind of thing or a way to do it in sculptris which isn't obvious?

If not, which program should I look to pirate?

tl;dr: what to use for organic shapes apart from sculptris?

you can get blender which is totally free or 3ds max student edition which you will have to do some registration in their website

either way, you can sculpt in all of those programs, but you should learn how to use subdivision surface because its good for making organic shapes with more control over the topology.
another thing you can do is sculpt,retopo bake. which is a little bit complex but you can also bake from subdivision levels aka multiresolution

good luck
3DS Max: FFD or NURBS Surface
ZBrush and / or Blender

Just be aware with Blender that the default settings on everything have to be changed.

Example: If you want to sculpt with a tablet, you need to turn off mouse grabbing and other shit.

Default materials look like shit, default lights look like shit, default render settings are shit, and 90% of the blender artwork out there looks like garbage because the artist didn't learn the tweaks.
have looked in blenderartists? people have decent sculpts altho they are only small percentage of the community

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