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I'm a long time 3ds hobbyist, since r4 on DOS in '93. I'd like to get into Autocad Electrical for work but I'm having a few issues. I've been following tutorials associated with 2016 version, but my mindset is so biased towards the more artistic approach of 3ds that following the 2d tool sets are hard to follow. I'd like to think it's not an issue of my incapacity, but rather the tutorials assumption that the user already is familiar enough with its cad tools and just needs to learn the new ones...

So my question is : does anyone have a good resource they can recommend for tutorials or learning materials that assume the user is new to autocad but isn't so new that they need to be taught how to click a mouse? I checked some online resources and they start with how to navigate the drop down menus... ugh! Other more advanced tutorial videos are by people who use common shortcuts I don't know yet and they explain what they are rapidly doing in such poor English that I can't understand which shortcut to Google in hopes of following along!
CAD is not something that usually have free tutorials

try udemy or lynda
Do you know the standards you will be drafting? If not then get the appropriate book. If you do then you already know AutoCAD. As long as you know how to use snap modes and the command line you're all set.
Thanks for the advice guys. I may try one of the Udemy courses. Never heard of them before.

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