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Help /3/
In 3dsmax, how can I pass from picture 1 to 2 using a shortcut?
My figure is already an editable poly, but I cant select only those edges.
I tried loops, ctrl+A, ring, etc but that doesnt work, and selecting 1 by 1 its too slow.

In the video its done in just 1 second.

Any tips? Thanks
Seriously, you should work on your anxiety, because it doesn't take all the long to select those manually.

BUT, I tought of a few ways:
-Select one face of the ring around the extrusion, shift and click next to select the face ring. Convert selection to border edges (hold shift and click edge mode), this will leave you with 4 edges left to pick manually
-Select all the extruded faces, convert to edge border, this will pick the junction edges between the cylinder and the extrusion. Check ignore backfacing, and select the rest by clicking and dragging on the 4 corners to pick the remaining edges three at a time
-select the 4 points in the corners, convert to edge selection, double click the edges on the cylinder/extrusion junction to select two at a time.

There's also the crease set modifier, I think it comes with the opensubdiv plugin, but seriously, it took so much more time to figure those ways out then to select the edges manually...
Thank you for taking the time in your answer.

Im usually stressed out when reading /ic/, /3/ and mostly every creative board in 4chan. It seems everybody do their work in just a few minutes and I always take my time, even weeks for a single box. -exagerating-

Going to try your different options.

I'm not a pro myself, but speed comes mostly from sleight of hand and knowing the tools, amount of geometry needed and stuff like that imho

It's good to know some things about selection (converting selections is of great help), but unless you're working on something awfully complex it's not where you'll spend most of the time, and even then it'll take you less than a minute most of the time.

Remember that you can also save your selections typing a name in the field between mirror and the {ABC} icon in the toolbar and pressing enter. It'll be in the drop down list there and you can also do some "math" with your saved selections clicking on the {ABC} to edit them

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