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Hey /3/
I'm relatively inexperienced with 3D sculpting, and I'm trying to make Eren from AoT as practice. How do I do the hair? I've tried a bunch of different techniques, but none of them look good... Help me out here
File: hair.png (192 KB, 602x699)
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here is one of my attempts at hair.
not bad

It's going to dynamesh together. If you're going for long strands, then use fibermesh.

If you want an actual subtool, and sculptable mesh, that kind of hair isn't possible inside of zbrush.

You could polymodel, export, import into zbrush then subdivide the strands to sculpt on. That's the only way I see this working without fibermesh.
Alright, thanks for the reply! I've never tried fibermesh, but maybe it's worth a shot. Here's an image of the kind of hair I'm going for. Should I just finish the bald model in Zbrush then do the hair in Maya after I'm done with retopo and all that stuff?

You are approaching it the correct way already. The only way is to brute force hair, no special techniques exist. I wouldn't taper the edges and it's best if the hair cards don't penetrate one another. The texture is what will ultimately sell it.

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