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I like sculpting in DynaMesh but I keep having an issue with it.
As you can sort of see in the GIF, the Dynamesh fucks up the topology a bit, but it also fills up the space between the fingers a bit making them shorter, which forces you to keep fixing them.
This problem becomes much bigger if you have fingers even closer together, where it sometimes even welds them together.
What do you guys do to get around this problem?
I tried messing around with the masks but then it starts creating separate poly groups and it can fuck up the poly count if you increase the Dynamesh during modeling. In all it becomes a big headache to fix back.
Surprisingly the ZRemesher does a good job in fixing it back.

Is there a simpler way to stop Dynamesh welding your fingers together?
leave the fingers for last. then up the resolution and use snakehook + dyna mesh to stop the welding
ok i'll try that
can anyone just tell me which brush is used to un-weld/cut fingers and mouth apart, so i can look up the tutorial for it?

DESU at that stage you should be remeshing. It looks like you have all the topology you need. Dynamesh is only for concepting and blocking out.
Fuck fingers and clipping geo mate
just focus on form, nobody will care if your fingers are melded together if the piece works as a whole
and you have to retopo anyway to do anything with it so just leave fingers for last
just put the hands ina again, dyamesh at very high res, and then do a automatic retopo into detail projection if you want to preserve them
>Is there a simpler way to stop Dynamesh welding your fingers together?

Study how dynamesh works. There is but you can figure that out for yourself now cant you champ?

[spoiler]It has something to do with scale, Dynamesh resolution and how close the models parts are[/spoiler]

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