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Is it viable for indie dev? Is there anything better at a similar price point?

Also, is 3DCoat a sufficient alternative to ZBrush for broke-ass garage devs?
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>Is there anything better at a similar price point?
cheaper even
Good joke.
t. Autodesk employee
Why are Blender users so obsessed with trying to convince everyone they can to suffer through the same awful workflow they do?
He literally called himself a broke-ass garage dev. Blender is his best option.
I could afford to subscribe to LT or buy a one-time indie license like Modo Indie(I could probably even afford a one-time autodesk license if they still sold those and didn't recently go from full jew to mega ultra turbo jew with their subscription system). The main question was whether the gutted version of Maya was viable because Maya is a package I've had experience with, I just don't want to sink $30 into it just to find out that it's too restrictive to make game assets with.

Blender I've already got several years worth of on-and-off experience with and I'd rather avoid having to use it for modeling, rigging or animation ever again. Maybe I'd go back to it if I wanted to make a radical motion graphics intro for a youtube channel about minecraft.
you have like a 100,000 polygon limit for every scene if im not mistaken

if its not a big deal for you, get it
What I've heard is: your working scene can have as many polygons as you want, but you can only export under 130k tris unless you use the canned Send To functions. I'm still not sure how I feel about that.
that's ok, because you can slowly export everything anyway

its very rare that an entire scene reaches 130k, just export it in 2 halves and that's it

>you have like a 100,000 polygon limit for every scene if im not mistaken

You are - there is a 100k polygon limit on exporting to Obj or fbx, you can have as many polygons as you want in the LT scene.

But even then its easy to bypass the limit - you see they decided to remove the export limit to unity, so its really easy to download the free version of unity and just getting the export file from where you saved it in the unity directory.
How about 3DCoat? Buying the full version of Maya isn't even an option but I could spring for ZBrush over 3DCoat if the featureset is worth the $400 difference since afaik they're both one time licenses that only apply to specific editions of the software.
Pirate the shit you dope.

There's a 400% chance you're going to give up so pirate it to test the waters then buy it once you plan on making money.

>is 3DCoat a sufficient alternative
No, its more like a complimentary tool than an alternative. Some people try and use it completely over Zbrush. Not too many people like that.
>How about 3DCoat?

nice program but it comes from a place with citizen war and i dont see why i should finance this shit.

Maya LT was also good idea but after 2 updates i dropped it. i will rather spend the same money at Blender foundation that work with bulcrap of autodesk.
>There's a 400% chance you're going to give up so pirate it to test the waters then buy it once you plan on making money.

I'm well into the "Plan on making money" stage already, I'm just wary of any "Indie game development" tool since a massive amount of them seem to profit purely off of trying to convince beginners that their gimped tool can help them easily make a game and making a functionally useless version of Maya for the sole purpose of trying to sell the full version is something I wouldn't put past Autodesk.
heard this song before

you either develop games or do art. unless you want to be mediocre at both
just look at all the indie games out there you don't need to look furtherer
I'm already good enough at making game assets, if I'm legitimately terrible at making a game then the game engine is still going to be the one free part of the equation and I'm still going to need software licenses to make money off of any of the work I create with any of the tools I use. Unless I use Blender, but I'd rather shove rusty nails down my dickhole than do that.
then you are fucked.
your best bet is to get modo/mari indie for monthly fee
There is a lot of shitposting here, but honestly a good workflow is gonna need like 5-6 apps minimum, why not try them first before you dump hard cash, seriously. Zbrush is worth the price IF you use it, prolly the only program out there that is.

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