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File: 2016-07-08_17-13-28.png (181 KB, 1920x1040)
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Hey /3/,

How do I into UVmapping on this mask that I'm making? I'm not too sure where to begin because of it is cloth (the bottom part) and it has a lot of rounded areas that connect into the mask itself. I used autopo in 3Dcoat and the outcome I thought was alright, but I think it has too many polygons....
its alright, just mark seams
Why are you using Maya 2014 anon ?
Since youre going with a student version you may as well get the latest one.

A stupid reason. I've had bad experiences with new versions of Maya when I was younger and it always crashed. So I went with older is better more or less.
Maya 2015 was extraordinarily slow for me. Maya 2016 is a good step, and has great automatic uv pack.
File: outUV.png (728 KB, 2048x1024)
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Gave Maya 2016 autoUV a try and this is the end product I got.

This is obviously fucked and it might be because of my topology. I tried the baking it and the shading is weird as hell. Is this still usable or should I go back to the drawing board on my topology?

PolyUnrwrapper has an averaging/normalizing UV feature based on the geometry's dimensions and faces.
To be honest with that face, you could probably just relax it to normal again. I unwrap personally in 3DS but I'm sure there is something like that in Maya. Maya 2016 Auto Packer is amazing though.

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