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Hello /3/!

I was wondering if any of you have any experience selling models in asset stores such as unreal's or Unity's, I'm looking to make a little bit of extra cash and i was wondering if any of you have done it before.
You'll be swimming in a sea of shit. You're better off publishing a few packs of free models, having a million people download them, and maybe having two people contact you for real work at a later on.
>You'll be swimming in a sea of shit

Really? can you elaborate?
Any self respecting developer will produce their own assets, or will already have a library of their own assets to tap into.

Your primary audience will be single developers and small teams (mainly students) looking to quickly prototype a game that will likely never see the light of day. This is a population that is fairly unlikely to actually shell out money for assets, unless they are desperate for niche where there does not already exist a body of free assets.

Additionally, you open yourself to asset piracy and asset flipping concerns.


You are best served by showcasing your talent with free packages, and then leveraging that exposure into a paying position or commission/freelance jobs.

A safer arrangement for making a little extra pocket cash is to try to publish models on, say, the DOTA 2 workshop.

Admittedly, if you do manage to tap into an in-demand market on the Unity/Unreal Asset stores, you have the opportunity to make quite a bit of money. However, the people that are successful in those endeavors are typically people who produce middleware, not models.

i see, Thanks for taking the time to reply back, i'm still considering uploading some assets into Unreal's marketplace just to probe the market, i don't expect to make a shit ton of crash, realistically i model primarily as a hobby, though i wouldn't mind making a living out of it since i actually enjoy doing it.
I've made shitload of assets for shitloads of different levels.
Would it be worth packing them up and selling them for like 1 dollar so it's at least great value for money?
just browse the store

>100 pack of memepoly items
>15 pack of mid level guns
>5 packs of high level guns

15 dollar each

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