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where can download free house CAD plans to practice building in 3ds max/maya?

I need the spline plans
How detailed do you want them? New Apartment buildings that are trying to sell apartments usually have the floor plans on their websites.

I guess to find ones do a Google like 'new apartment developments in xxxxxxx' then look for some site names and then Google the site names and maybe find a new building getting built

For houses it's more difficult, there are building companies that have housing plans but normally only if you are looking to buy can you see them to prevent competitors getting their designs.

You can search resort villa floorplans. They like to show off their plans and all over the world there are constantly new resorts being built.
You can make your own with floorplanner.
im looking for homes or appartments from the 1910-1950's and was wondering if there was a website that lets you download the CAD that you can use to build off in 3d software not just a picture
Mmm that would be hard. Would be rare to find ones online from from things that old unless someone put it up as a passion project kind of thing I think

You should go to a big library and ask there. They may have that kind of stuff, then you can take a controlled top down photo and work from that?

Finding actually CAD plans of stuff that old is really unlikely because only the constructors from back then really would know whats inside.

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