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guys, what is the best way to create a whole house level in 3ds max?

i tried creating the walls by using rectangle splines but i noticed there are a lot of problems that come with it. because i used Vertex snap to make sure the walls are even, now all the walls overlap each other and i cant really texture it. also cutting out windows and doors is a pain when trying to make it the right/even size so i can just kit bash my window and door assets..

any tips and advice are welcome.
3ds max has architectural tools built right into the program that include walls, door, windows, trees, textures, etc.

This is also part of the reason why mental ray has SOO many architectural materials.

Also, you don't even have to cut anything out (like windows) because the program does it for you. I could explain all this, but you are better off just googling something along the lines of...

>3ds max architectural tools tutorial

...and watching a video on youtube.

Keep any splines you've made though because you can still use them when laying everything out.

Autodesk themselves also have several really great architectural tutorials that come with models you can play around with. These are really nice because they teach you how to use lighting systems & create realistic looking renders.
oh thx, i didnt know. also. ive seen their doors/ windows, they're pretty shitty desu, i just need to make the walls to be connected and even, and have somewhere to place my costume doors and windows (i got different shapes)

P.S. does maya have anything like what you said (im thinking about migrating soon)
Update, I watched a tut and tried it out. thats cool as shit. Tho, i still want to know if there is a way to delete the windows and doors and only keep the frame, or something similar that will create a whole and be dynamic?

Import floor plan from autocad and extrude it
Can't you add an edit poly modifier on the stack to change the geometry and keep the properties of the original object?

Just a guess though, I'm not familiar with the architechture tools

If you have a complete auto desk package, you may find Autocad tools are a little easier for architectural modeling. I'd then import the wall structure from there into 3ds for the rest.

Much of it is based on familiarity with the tool sets. I'm sure those who are less familiar with Autocad will prefer to make the model 100% in 3ds and get the exact same results. The only reason I find Autocad easier for the arch stuff is the dimensioning. Instead of setting lengths of splines or moving vertices in reference to 0,0,0 defining wall and room dimensions seems easier TO ME. But use the tool set you are most familiar with.

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