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Hello, young architect here.
I'm planning to make a series of photogrammetry old churches scans, using Agisoft, then retopo in zbrush (and map extraction) or topogun and place them to Unity3d engine for a virtual experience.
I'm looking for a good 3d scanner, pic related.
Maximum distance is for this one 130 meters which is ok.
BUT! If you have better suggestions or have experience with that kind of hardware, please tell me. Anything helps.
Money is not a problem, but I want to be reasonable, I don't want to go overkill.
You will get better results modelling then yourself
why not just buy a Drone and fly around it and then use photoscan ?
What are you trying to achieve with the Scanner ?
>>everything can be done with usual Photos

Do think a good drone for exterior photogrammetry and a good canon camera with a tripode for interior is a more logic solution?

We are trying as a architectural/archeological office to do a photogrammetry of a huge number of old churches and monuments in greece, over 3 years. I thought a combination of 3D scanner and a state-of-art drone can speed our workflow up.
Seriously, money is not a problem, time is.
not familiar with Agisoft but all the lidar etc scanning I have seen is point clouds and you need to de-clutter noise, turns out not great for this type of thing, may want to take a nice selfie and model it yourself. I mean unity3d is great at prototyping, just throw some blocks together even in Unity or Unreal without even modelling this.

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