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(It's hard to tell where the hell this goes, so I'll try 3DCG. Inb4 SFM hate)

I've been working on a mashitima series based on a pilot that was received relatively well in Fallout 4

However, I am very limited by the FO4 in-game engine for animating the characters. It seems with each iteration of a Bethesda RPG, it gets harder to make this kind of content (especially since there's 0 mod support for machinima. peaked back in Oblivion).

I'm looking for the best quickstart or tutorials related to what I'm trying to make. I don't learn well from people who are not concise or shove their disgusting personality into an instructional video I've realized.

Here's the pilot: https://youtu.be/9O4ikvBa6cE (hoping to get a lot better quality and time into the project for a real release)
if you're looking for it, it's pretty easy to notice the gimmicks or trickery and that I don't actually have a lot of "control" over the "actors"

I just want to fill in small spots with things like walking (literally importing walking animations if I can), handing an item over, the large silent character being more emotive, etc.

Biggest issue is time. I have about a month to do this first episode before I move to LA, which will take my focus away from this and toward finding a new job before my savings dwindle too low.

this isn't for "the big jewtube bucks" because no one gives a fuck about machinima that isn't porn now. i just want to make a thing. help appreciated
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>did not post correct project image

i am retard pls forgive me. i can't even find the one for that video. i pray i did not delete it

tl;dr of OP: best tutorials for quickly learning SFM for basic filler animation in machinima (video made with game engine)
>no one gives a fuck about machinima that isn't porn now.

answering own thread. turns out "Loverslab" who are best known for porn shit have guides to animating and importing models for other Beth titles, which should also apply to these. However, this may require me to rig the models (which I'm fine with as long as I can access vertices etc).

porn to the rescue i guess

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