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File: 7lnlAND.jpg (462 KB, 1318x1257)
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Has this model been ripped/extracted yet?
I wanna check out the edge flows, maps etc.

-Also, what's the go to site for models ripped from videogames and can be view in any 3D program? Not for garry's mod, cource film maker or anything like that. I wanna see the edge flow.
File: 1467078029000.jpg (119 KB, 1011x498)
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you seem new.
google video game models and the most popular one is your best bet.
also obj is pretty universal so and 3d modeling program will be able to view them
>google video game models and the most popular one is your best bet.

Nah. Models seems sparse on those sites and I'm not even sure which are official (some look really ugly, and I assume companies are doing everything to prevent their official models from leaking to the public).

The reason I mentioned garry's mod, is because those models seems official. I assume being owned by valve would help. I just wanna examine those HQ official models.

XNLA Lara also seems to have high quality official models, but I don't know anything about that program or its formats.
some 3d printing idiot here ripped the file like 10 days ago

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