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File: sketshitup.jpg (89 KB, 640x480)
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Why is sketchup so shitty for modelling? I keep receiving models from clients made in this crap and the normals are everywhere except where they need to be.

I'm getting to a point where I might start refusing working with models made in this crap because this happens every fucking time

Is the program to blame or do people messing with it have excessive cromossomes?

Pic related
Looks like someone didn't take care to make sure they were working with the right side faces.

This is very easy to fix in sketchup.

On the toolbars to the right, look for the styles tab. Now go into edit and you will see the different view modes. What you want to do is turn on the view that only shows front face and back faces, then just go through the model and flip the faces the right way.

This isn't a problem with sketchup but a problem with amateurs not being able to le as an such a basic requirement for modelling.

I'm sure there are equivalent small errors that new modellers make in max or blender too that can fuck up end results.
File: skp.jpg (76 KB, 1630x740)
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heres a pic
Can you explain what the right side faces are for? I accidentally clicked to this board and I use sketchup for my job but it pretains to the program itself just for a model and textures to render a simple 3d structure to show off (like stuff you would see on tv, and in board meetings) never heard of this and ive been trained to use sketchup... So the right faces are what? All facing one direction? Or facing a particular direction like north?
Don't think of it as right sided faces.

They are front faces an back faces.

Sketchup is an architectural tool right, it's impossile in construction to ever have a solid that is just a plane with no thickness. This is the idea I think they were going for with sketchup because whenever you are modelling something it will have a thickness, even if it's only .01mm.

So when modelling in skp you always want to be aware of your front and back faces because in most other software that you export to, the back faces will be invisible.

It's a real non issue once you are used to it desu, sure it was annoying when I first started years ago but it's never an problem now. So easy to keep track of.
First off, this part is a shit design and should never exist for the sake of humanity, think of the children... Second, it is a file conversion problem and you think you know shit, but you don't, since you aren't talking breps and polys, etc you know shit and that's half your problem.
Third why would you pay someone to do this, do it yourself without a file conversion, seriously.
Not the OP, but that's wrong - the planes are infinitely thin with no thickness to them. Yes, maybe it was an architectural tool, but that's not what it started out as and now how it works. Maybe the most recent versions do that, but last time I checked it was like other programs where you have "sides" to a face.
I stopped using Sketchup about a year before they sold it to Trimble, never looked back. Good riddance.

>shit design
>file conversion problem
I wouldn't be so sure.
>why would he pay someone to do this
Your reading comprehension is lacking.
>receiving models from clients

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