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Hello /3/!

Coming this august I plan on colonizing a relatively small village in south west Namibia.
My plans for this colony are simple, I want to create many mods for the popular racing simulation rfactor 2.

So I come to /3/ with a question;
What is the best/easiest 3D software I can teach to underprivileged low
IQ African villagers? I plan to get the workload up and running fast, so I want to get them all trained within maybe 3-4 weeks of intense and in depth learning.

If you don't mind as well, I'd love to know what the best pc's I can get built up?
The colony will have at least 20 work stations, I have a $50,000 budget for technology alone.
So feel free to not hold back, I would like to have fast working machines.

Thank you for your time!
wew lad

In terms of computers my Haswell i5 and gtx 770 are still more than capable of doing the type of work you describe it cost $1500 new at the time get.

For display get 24 in monitors those are cheap
well you have blender which is completely free
but what actually you are planning to get in 4 months to people that don't understand english?
what are you doing lad
Looks like it would work well.
Might go for a better processor,
we will be doing an intense amount of in game physics work apart from the 3d modeling work.
Despite being for the most part an isolated village,
these people know English very well. So no problems there.

As for blender, it seems like it would work.
Lots of guides out there for it, so that will help when teaching the software.
Many use 3dsmax it appears, but the software itself seems complex and costs money.
Money that can used for other necessities in the work space.

I thank you for the response.
Is this a thing people do? I didnt know you could do this shit
Africans don't know the value of their labor and will work just to have a meal at the end of the day.
Just go on a freelance website, all the Africans that want work are already there working for nothing. It's called art direction, put that on your resume too
>but the software itself seems complex
3D software is inherently complex.
I really, really wouldn't expect anyone to produce quality content for a game like rfactor in a few weeks or even months:
- Cars are among the hardest things you can do with a polymodeling software
- Games like rfactor have an unusually high percentage of autists who know racing cars inside and out, they will see every little mistake in the model and the textures

Seriously, do NOT pick a racing simulator as the project you want to work on/mod for.

you guys from Namibia board back on (four * two) chan? That shit happened?
also fuck spam filters
I already have my workers contracted out. A good 79 of them all excited to begin there working journey!

I have a process of quality control before bringing this work out to the consumer, but thanks for your concern.
>What is the best/easiest 3D software I can teach to underprivileged low
IQ African villagers?
most definitely Modo
easy, quick and painless
just sucks for doing anything but modelling
You really think you can teach people with no education at all how to make mods? Fucking kek m8

I have trained Somalians to work in CNC and it's a fucking challenge I tell you... And all they really have to do is extremely basic macro scripting and even that is a hell of a challenge for them. I would not like to be the teacher who had to teach them 3D-modeling software...

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