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What's the best way to make realtime 3D Hair right now?
to use thousands of polygons and sort the transparency through scripting.
Well that sucks then, Hair tech for realtime has to evolve.
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well thats how you do it. you can use cutouts with special shaders as well which also look nice but I have no idea how you'd get it to look smooth. You would probably need a team of coders and shader writers to get it done AAA quality.
The shader isn't a problem for UE4, they give you a realistic one specially made for hair.
The real problem is the cumbersome way of creating realtime hair. It should be particles generated like for movies and then automatically transformed in geometry when you are happy with the end result and ready to send it to your game engine.
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Nah. You can use them like bones with colliding joints so they will move with wind, gravity, swinging and they won't go through the body. I think the two main problems are that there is only a very limited amount of software you can use to generate ingame lowpoly hair, and the creating a shader that doesn't make hair look like wood.

I saw the UE4 hair shader from paragon and it only looks good because there are tons of polygons in there and some of the individual strands are actually cylinders. So there isn't any advanced way to make it look good yet without compromising a huge polygon cost.
But having actually to make low poly hair sucks, it's time consuming and not artistically friendly for hair, I would love to have movie tier generated particles hair automatically converted in poly that you can then retopo.
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It's this thread again. Tress Fx and the Nvidia hair will replace planes soon. If we didn't have the normie consoles it would have done so already. I think when neo and scorpio come out it will become mainstream.
You still have to model those planes too.
Also, Nvidia hair uses like 30% of a game's resources. Integration at this point is a gimmick, even on PC.
the division actually have decent realtime hair
noice. looks quite simple though. one solid mesh on the bottom and just above it a single layer of transparent hair mesh to make it look dense and frizzy.
sort the transparency through scripting.

is there a tut on this?
A lot of programs will create the zbuffer order for faces according to the order in which they were created. One way to fix hair z values in blender for example, is to just duplicate the trouble hair plane and move the new copy into place right where it used to be. The Zbuffer will be above any face you had on the mesh, allowing you to layer hair more effectively.

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