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How do I get better at making hands?

Pic related is my first serious attempt at hands. I'm not really happy with the topography and I sort of gave up on it, now it's just a placeholder until I can do better work.

I want hands that are more square-ish like DK's (not specifically him, just using a random example). Working in Maya 2014. Will be posing and animating once I have decent results.
From what I can see you're wasting some time with your edgeflow on the top of the hand and the palms, that's why it's smarter to block out the hand as separate cylinders and cubes before refining them.

These are unrefined but you can tell they're cheaper to process and would work better on a character. Also remember that you can create whatever cavity of quads you might need by cutting and then deleting edges.

What you've got there also isn't anatomically accurate to how hands look, it ignores the bone structure almost completely.


Download that funky kong model and copy the edge flow.
This is a really late reply, but thanks for the link, I'm definitely using this website for reference materials in the future.

Anyone know of something like this that includes free rigged characters? Not to steal, just for reference's sake.

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