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I've searched the internet on tutorials on how to make a gun for a game i'm currently working on, and I still don't know how to use Maya to make one, and or model one at all.
what do I need to know to make/model a gun in Maya?
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Thank you for your help, but unfortunately I didn't get any information that I wanted on HOW to make/model a gun!

Not him but first link is free though somewhat outdated in texturing. Bottom is a pay tutorial which teaches you high poly modelling, uv, unwrapping, texturing. Not Maya, but 3DS Max tutorials.
Why do you need a tutorial for that? Just get a reference picture like you have right there, start drawing on top of it and do the same in other directions and you have a frigging gun. Professionals don't watch a tutorial for every single nifty project they do, they improvise, make a rough sketch, clean it and learn to do it faster the next time.
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>how do I make gun????
countless google results
>No, HOW I MAKE GUN??????
Spoonfed a couple videos
>buy airsoft gun for physical reference

>cut pieces out of a mesh and extrude them until vaguely the same shape as the part

>align cut out parts

is gun now. you are maker of gun.
>Using airsoft garbage
>not proudly owning a real deal rifearm with the side benefit of using it for a model
airsoft is fine for reference anon

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