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File: What do i model.jpg (410 KB, 2000x1000)
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Hey guys, I'm learning to model and i need to practice, but nothing comes to mind...
would you guys help me?

Let's make it into a game.
you give me some ideas and i will do it and post it here.

but remenber i'm just starting, so nothing too complicated.

Let the games begin...
> 3d modelling
> not complicated
pick one.
File: Screenshot_2.png (114 KB, 1039x609)
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If character design, model humans.
If objects, model vehicles and guns.
If you're not committed to finishing vehicles and guns then just model power tools or something.
but what i ment is to not tell me to do a mech, or a complicated scene or anything crazy like that

just some ordinary objects is fine

A teapot.
start gradually, first a cup of coffee, then a teapot, then a screwdriver, then someting like 1911 pistol
Don't model from photos, model from life (objects in front of you on your desk).
File: untitled3.png (452 KB, 500x500)
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452 KB PNG
OP here
just made this
it took me about 3hrs 30min :(

thx, will follow
Ignore the moron that said don't model from images, not that the other part was awful. Using photos as reference is a huge part of 3d modeling because it teaches you how to interpret shapes very well, assuming you don't just rush in.

Don't really know of what you could model for practice, but I'd say go with what you enjoy. You may or may not get bored of it, but what you do within those times will often stuck with you.
File: 1439456686078.jpg (28 KB, 464x464)
28 KB
>Ignore the moron that said don't model from images, not that the other part was awful. Using photos as reference is a huge part of 3d modeling
you cant model from 2 dimensions and expect to git gud. You could model from 3 dimensions with a vr setup, however. Its the same with drawing - you dont draw from an image and expect to git gud, no matter how many angles you have.

Everyone knows that. /Ic/ even knows that.
File: Capture.png (475 KB, 683x536)
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475 KB PNG
Nah, using still images is an impressive ass way to learn how to interpret shapes, because it forces you to constantly think why is so and so part darker/lighter than the other parts? Is it higher, further, or lower?

Though I gotta admit, it's not much on it's own, because you'd have no way of knowing if you got it right, or wrong without a 3d view to confirm your thoughts of it's shape were correct.
File: Capture.png (60 KB, 157x217)
60 KB
Ah, and it should be noted I'm not saying the still images will make you "git gud" at 3d modeling itself, just that it allows you to get accustomed to still images(obviously).

Which is pretty major considering if you're turning something 2 dimensional odds are you're gonna be using a still image(s).
i think you are making a big deal out of ref images.
even pro artists have other artists on payroll to make ref for them, then whats the problem with pulling an image from google and start modeling
There's no problem at all with pulling a ref off of google or wherever, that's not where my conflict was directed. It was directed at someone flatly saying drop still images.
The modeling aspect shouldnt take more than 30 minutes. Its just a cylinder and handle, unless you took a while setting up the lighting (I seriously don't know how long that shit takes, I work in potatoshop and game engines)

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