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Can somebody explain how to make a map for GMod or SFM in Blender and then port it over to those things, along with how big the scale should be for the GMod player? I'm trying to get into modelling now that I actually have a good modem and can watch tutorial vids on how to do shit.
newfag here, your best bet is learning how to use hammer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdpTT2pqIVY

This vid is for tf2, but it should work for the others. Note that this isn't using blender, so it'll take some time to learn
If it works for TF2, then it should work for other things using the Source engine. Does it cost anything? I know that I have to buy CS Source to stop graphical errors in GMod, which also needs to be bought whilst SFM is free.
This. Hammer is the level editor for all Source games as far as I know. SFM and Hammer are free if you own any source game, but the Orange Box and CSS are your best bets to avoid any errors/missing textures/modeels.
Also figured I should include a link to the wiki


Pick a page and start from there; any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer. Most things like scale and importing models should be documented there, though.

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