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File: good one m9.jpg (13 KB, 302x207)
13 KB
Hey /3/, Just an /mu/ guy here.
If you've been looking for someone to compose music for your project or design some SFX then I'm your guy.
Never really worked with anyone else on this board, so just email me @ rlacc@mail.com
EDIT: email is rlacc123@mail.com
EDIT: email is rlacc123@gmail.com
>implying we don't make our own music and/or sound effects

you'd get more bite in /vg/s agdg general
EDIT: you don't know
Don't be a dick, he's just being a nice guy and offering his services. No need to have a 'tude. Sheesh.
I don't often say this but fucking kill yourself.
Can you give me lessons on how to be such a badass? I wanna live in the edge just like you!
sure kid, don't be a a fucking loser aka what you are doing right now.

I'd ask you for lessons on how to be a sad little cuck but frankly I don't want to be one.
How can I possibly take you seriously when you use the word cuck? Anyone who begins to actually say that spends a bit too much time on this site.
says the cuck who said tude.

I would never take you seriously.
Not only on this site, but at the dark side of this site. Using the term 'cuck' is basically a tell tale sign you are flying the swastika banner on your boat.

Like you mark someone a 'cuck' to let the other nazis reading know you come from /pol/ so you can start ganking that person together.

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