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File: human head 3d model.jpg (175 KB, 700x770)
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tips for human head modeling, vids, techniques, images

i always have trouble with the nose, eyes and the forehead. never really got how to do the ala of the nose properly. eyes and forehead I think I need more practice with and make sure my topology isn't incorrect. forehead in particular i often get a horrible blocky line down the middle that can't be smoothed out properly.
keep practicing with sphere and have lots of ref images

keep subdivision low until you read the nose lips and eyes, spend more time on the form until you reach those parts
Reference, reference, reference.

Also search for basic drawing tutorials, they teach you some usefull guides.
(A face should allways be arround 5 eyes long, and the distance between two eyes, one eye. The lips should be as long as the distance between the two irises.)
can someone dump some good human head reference images in this thread? I don't mean tutorials like the sticky has, but rather photographs of people like pic related.
File: perfected_head.png (985 KB, 1455x840)
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