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Any good and updated tutorials out there that teaches a full production workflow for 3d game artists? I mean going from sculpting to retopology, to uvmapping and texturing in other softwares, to ringging and animating(if it's a character, I'm happy with props).

I just want to figure out a good workflow for me, if it's best to begin sculpting on zbrush or modeling first somewhere else, different softwares and ways to do the uv and retopology, etc. But I would love if I could do this by sticking with a single tutorial that would give me a finished result in the end, one that is not made like 6 years ago.

Image kind of related, I would love to know how to do something like that.
try look in gumroad or lynda

there are a few but i don't think they cover rigging


This one covers rigging too. But it's a bit all over the place in terms of software used.

My current workflow is light low poly work in max or modo. The least time spent on this stage the better.

Zbrush dynamesh or just subdivide if the topology is good enough or I am using a basemesh. Finish the sculpt totally. Export to 3d coat.

Retopology and UV's in 3d coat. (provided it's not a lewd model)

Reimport to zbrush and project detail from finished sculpt to new low poly.

Bake maps in Xnormal.

Texturing is a combination of correcting seams in 3dcoat. Marmoset for previewing materials Substance designer for tileable textures and sbar export and substance painter to finish.
Awesome! This is exactly the kind of workflow I'm trying to achieve.
Do you recommend more tutorials, which ones you followed to get to this workflow?
Thanks a bunch.



This guy is the best zbrush teacher. He is also one of the few people who does organic stuff and hard surface.


I learned how to use 3d coat from just following the videos on their youtube channel.
thank you for this.
I got a couple of questions if you are still there.
What do you mean by "lewd model"?
How do you do this project detail from sculpt to new poly in zbrush? What tool specifically?
Thanks a bunch.
File: projectall.jpg (919 KB, 1921x1151)
919 KB
919 KB JPG

The lewd model thing is a 3d coat in joke because the creators said they didn't want it used for porn.

Here is what I mean by project detail.

1 top left low res with bad topology and no detail
2 bottom left high res sculpted from low res to completion
3 top middle retopologized uv'ed mesh from finished sculpted mesh
4 bottom middle retopologized mesh placed over high resolution mesh.
5 use project all to conform the new mesh to the old. Subdivide again and use project all again.
Continue to do this until you have multiple subdivision levels and the mesh is smooth enough to get a normal map from.
6 top right When finished you will have a uv'ed low res mesh that better represents the high poly and you can use the subdivision levels for lod's and because it has uv's you can texture within zbrush using surface noise or using displacement maps.

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