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How do I model something like a rail station?

I don't need to make something super accurate or usable in actually building the railway?

I have some idea about how to position the rails and platforms at a terminus of a metro line such that it would allow for easy transfer between the metro lines, and I want to make a crude 3D model to demonstrate this.

Do I need to learn AutoCAD Civil 3D to do this?
maybe, yes

if its just a simulation you can assist array and curve modifiers
No you don't need AutoCAD. Something simple like this just use sketchup it's free and for something crude you wouldn't need all the details, sketchup is more than capable.

I suggest you do a few draft overhead plans to get an idea of the layout and look at photos of train stations for reference.

How complicated you want it is up to you. A simple small station that trains just pass through would be really simple. If you need all the junctions gonna get much more complicated but I don't know enough about train stations to help you

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