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how viable, and applicable will the 3D industry and being a 3D artist will be in the future.

From look at all the signs right now. a good education, skillset and understanding in 3D modeling looks like a great career choice for the future. as of now. The Video game industry is booming and more and more people are becoming "gamers" people are able to make a decent living by starting small indie companies, make small games, pump it into app stores/ steams and leave comfortably of of that.

3D printings are starting to become viable in all kind of different environments for different environments and industry's, and from the looks of it, in the next 10-20 years they're gonna used in a lot more, for a lot more different things.

VR seems like its here to stay. This year they released the first consumer ready VR headset and its going to spark a lot of new company's and studios that focus on VR related projects.
I saw at least 4 studios that were looking for 3D artists that are highly knowledgeable of VR development and photo realist modeling/texturing.
and god knows wtf else will come out in the new few years fueling the 3D industry.

Are you optimistic about the future?
We're planning to replace all artists with 3d scanners. Just you wait.
>ow viable, and applicable will the 3D industry and being a 3D artist will be in the future.

it completely depends.

in my opinion more studious are setting up but in the same time 3D is getting cheaper.
environment artists will get hit the hardest, since everything is becoming more procedural,assets are cheap to produce.
VFX and characters artists are basically safe as long as they can keep up with next gen tech

3D printing is getting big but if you want constant work you would need to setup a decent base to operate, possibly having equipment to scan things

seems like there is a rise in mobile assets, and handpainted stuff. i think that it will become more prestigious than PBR stuff.
>We're planning to replace all artists with 3d scanners. Just you wait.

how the fuck are you gonna scan shit that don't exist or are bigger than your scanner.

GL scanning yourself a godzilla for the next movie
It's a great career for the third world. Like every job, the cheapest labor force that can be taught or made to do the job, will in time do that job.

That includes computers / automation, eventually.

the video game industry isn't being shipped off to 3rd world country's because Video games are much different from VFX and animation studios, they're whole 2 different business structures. the clients of the VFX studios are the Hollywood production studios that pay them a fixed
amount of money to do a certain job undermining how long it will take and how much effort it will take. Since all the studios are in competition with each other they constantly underbid each other to get commissioned.
after the movie comes out, no matter how well it does, even if it makes 2 billion dollars the VFX studios don't see a single penny from any of the ticket sales, DVD sales, or merchandise sales. it all goes to the big studios.
meanwhile in the video game industry, your clients are the gamers. All the profits from a video game goes directly to the studio that made it, and there is no competition. blizzard isn't competing with any other studios to make
world of warcraft. tho there are some exceptions to some titles that are up for sale and commission like call of duty and like moving related games.
so artists working in gaming studios don't hop around studio to studio. they pretty much stay in one place for years until they get a better job offer somewhere else

even with that said. for example. the traditional animation studios that ship have everything made outerseas, they still have to do all the Key animations here in the US and only let the punjabs across the globe do the inbetweens. the most basic of shits
It will scan from my brain waves
so you it wont be replacing artist then
OH Snippety SNAP!

Not even kidding, that was a sick burn.

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