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File: Capture.png (181 KB, 1296x713)
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Hey /3/
I was wondering if someone could orient me on how to finish this surface
Im using Rhino5
the problem is, i can't use curve network because the peace divides in 3
if using patch it just wont respect the curves how i would like
if using curve network on each of the 3 parts i am left with a ''triangle'' where they join, and then again patch just goes all crazy
anyway, thank you
if you were using geo this would be done
software? plugin?
sorry never heard of it and cant find anything
can you post the result when you apply curve network ?
File: network.png (9 KB, 763x478)
9 KB
as far as im aware curve network requires a roughly rectangular arrangement of curve to function properly.

try this arrangement of curves to see if it works. you might need to get rid of that curve that crosses over and starts in the same place as the other, marked as purple dash. yellow are new curves to add. snap to the mid points of your existing purple arcs to get a good result
File: Capture.png (147 KB, 1291x699)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
thanks, it kinda worked but still not getting the smooth surface where the 3 places connect, but it def got better, anyway, this is what i actually need go get to
oh and here is what i must get to
In maya id use some combination of Birails for that. If you have maya could just export those curves and do it there really quickly
File: MedialAxisPuffingA[1].jpg (209 KB, 693x721)
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209 KB JPG
If you know how to use grasshopper you could use the method this guy has developed. Not sure how much control you get over the amount of curvature though. Scroll down through the whole thread and get the best version, as his first couple of tries have a couple of bugs.


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