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File: final.jpg (324 KB, 701x992)
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Is this a good poster for a vodka thing? Would be be impressed if you where hiring me based on this?
I would kick you out if you tried to get a job at my company if this is the best you can do.
What if I was an apprentice?
Looks like absolute shit.

What are you trying to convey with the image?
classy ice cool vodka

not trying to sell a product just something you would hang up in a bar, club or something

Ok, don't know why I make the effort, but ok, here it goes.

Your problem is that you have spent virtually zero thought on visual communication, which is the basis of advertising.

- Ice looks dull grey, as if covered by soot from coal plant or shitty Russian car.
- bottle looks empty and dry, as if it was thrown away after drinking.
- bottlecap instead of screwtop? So once opened just drink it all?
- logo design and lettertype look super cheap. Like WordArt cheap.
- bottle is as dark as the ice around it, so just blends in the background.
- etc.

Honestly, I would have given you top marks if this would have been pastiche advertising for a new brand of wodka for alcoholic bums, because that's what it communicates.
So, basically, I would not give you a job, even as an apprentice, not just because you fail technically, but your total failure of understanding advertising. Even if you would have simply copied or modified an existing design it would have been better.

Not that I want to rub your face in it, but just make it clear that before you start, you need to think about what you do and why. Look, analyze, think.


Search that site for vodka. Contrary to what people think you don't want to be original when looking for a job. Literally copy several of the designs there and put them in a portfolio.

Products are fairly easy to model so it's all texturing and rendering. Based on the image you are well on your way, just need to get better at compositing.
File: 00001401.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1600)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
I think, that you probably should watch some tutorials, and google some photos that will help you understand how things looks in real world (i think this image pretends to be realistic, not artistic), and make it again.
1. Glass IOR is probably wrong, and color is too dark for glass.
2. Same for ice.
3. Don't just add bump on ice, and think "oh, looks fine". Just don't. Fracture a whole model and add bump and displace.
4. Bottle cap is good, but i not seen in markets vodka bottles with this type of caps. With this cap it looks more like beer bottle.
5. Caustics not have enough photons.
6. Try to find right hdri map for environment. Place 2 area lights on sides.
7. Model condensation on bottle. I mean - man, this bottle is stuck in the ice, it has to be there 100%.
8. Post. Maybe you should edit this image in ps even more?
9. My english is probably wrong, but i hope that you will understand what i wanted to say.
I don't think there would be any condensation. Assuming that bottle has been there for a while the glass and vodka is the same temperature as the surrounding area.

then again I could be wrong since I live in the tropics and don't get that cold of weather.
it's just too boring and unappealing. try learning composition and color theory first.
> Steal, steal, steal
Is your native language Cantonese or Mandarin


I wish. I think I am trans chink. In all seriousness tho some art director isn't going to give a fuck about ur artistic vision. You will be making product representations to a direct spec down to finite measurements. The "creative" people with the MacBook airs and Wacom companions will be coming up with the ideas (after crowd sourcing from 100 of their trendy nu male mates).
Make your bottle transparent, like it's regular glass.

i would hire you to do mundane things like UV mapping and baking which are the 2 things i hate
Why would anyone make something like this if ice and a bottle of vodka are not that hard to come by?

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