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Again, since the beginning, many tools have been created to help and ease the process of modeling, we have UVmapping softwares, such as HeadusUV, texturing tools such as quixel and substance painter, rigging tools, such as many scrips and even mixamo auto-rigger

But what about facial rigging, is there way to set up facial rigs, maybe for lipsynch, importing into a game engine as blendshapes or something, idk. Keep in mind im talking about creating the whole rig and blendshapes from a base mesh
There are some tools for Maya where you select the facial lines like eyelids, mouth edges and most facial lines that crease and fold when you move your muscles, but they always require a similar amount of extra work to get it looking decent.
So it's much better and safer if you just learn the manual way and do it all by hand.
I dont know about any auto-rig for facial rigging, but a one click solution for blend shape probably dosent exist and even if it did It'll give results ranging from terrible to unusable.

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