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File: 1349129577804.gif (2.96 MB, 300x225)
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Like... a physical simulation of the cloth wrapping around the curves but simulating the tension inside the cloth with tension creases and folds.

Sure, you could sculpt those tension folds but some kind of shrinkwrap that makes the cloth tent over notches would be neat.

Science boob gif not related
Blender cloth physics are kinda slow and glitchy af. You can do what you're talknig about with marvelous designer. Go find a copy and dick around with it. When you compare that to blender, blender's cloth system wont even be worth the time anymore.
File: 1456180036042.png (132 KB, 350x418)
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132 KB PNG
>marvelous designer
>not simming in xsi
File: 1465748564600.jpg (64 KB, 782x820)
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pick one
I guess you're still using Netscape too
File: 1444180889530.jpg (14 KB, 294x273)
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>using software worth literally thousands of $ just to get some dick bulges done

You guys are probably those who bulk download gigabytes of shady zips and forgot about having downloaded those software packages and probably never even used them / don't know how to use them
File: Green Lex Luthor.jpg (35 KB, 628x599)
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>Using anything other then pic related
>Any time
File: 1460739408657.jpg (84 KB, 960x720)
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>mfw this gif

Does anyone know how to achieve those boob physics?

I mean, look at it. It's fucking awesome.
Soft body physics?

Try it.
To achieve this quality you need a quite sophisticated setup. It's harder than one might expect first.

That's also why you mostly see wildly, idiotically bouncing tits of madness instead of real breast physics.
And/or the tits deform in a really unrealistic way.

>Tfw normal mapped nipple
iv seen it being done, the thing is you would be doing more manual work like adjustments

im not even sure if there is a youtube tutorial for this, might need to get a tutor dvd
File: tit.png (349 KB, 950x792)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
lol, thanks that you like it! I did it a couple of years ago in c4d. pic is the used setup
Fuck, man. You're my hero. Not kiddin.

Gonna try to get this translated over to Blender.
please tell us about your research when its done.
I am gonna take a look at this setup in C4d and try to replicate it.
File: question.jpg (19 KB, 296x320)
19 KB
I'm sorry guys for what I'm about to do, but Noone on any other board could help me and the normal forums are slow AF.
I don't actually do any 3D rendering and such but I use Blender as an advanced Video Editing program. Also I didn't want to open a new thread so I just looked for the most active Blender-related Thread
I do my grading and such in the compositor with nodes and I have a question:
How do I "export" (not really export) a scene with a Movie-Clip Input as a scene-strip so that I can edit it in Video Editing as normal?
I sometimes get to do it and sometimes all it shows in the preview is that standard cube sitting there and I really don't know what the problem is.
Now I know that I can use strip modifiers for basic grading and such, but the compositor node interface is so much better and more powerful.
Is there a setting? A special output node I need to use or something in the preference tabs I must do?

Also, another, weird question:
Is there a way to select multiple files at once in the filebrowser? Blender has this neat feature where, when importing multiple images at once, it turns them into a frame-by-frame timelapse, but all I can do is hold Shift and select each one-by-one (instead of Shift for "select from to" and Control for "Select each individually" like EVERY OTHER file browser), which with 600-1000 pictures takes way too long.
Hey hey.. Boobs..
idk try this


While they contained some new info, they didn't contain what I wanted.
I also realized that my PC is slow as fuck because it can't work with compositor instead of strip modifiers without going from 210 frames per minute rendering down to 90 frames per minute rendering.
And for some reason when I tried to recreate my faster setup, it still won't go above 130 frames per minute. Do strength of strip modifiers or using Adjustment layers instead of strip modifiers make the rendering slower?
I might have to upgrade my 660GTX

go to blender stack exchange, its a great place to ask questions and get fast reply

also blenderartists.net is the biggest blender site so i think they would help you, altho its kinda slow
good luck man
please tell me how to do it in blender if you figured it out. I want blender tits in all my .blend files

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