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So I need help with Cinema 4D.. I want to make a weird/scary looking cow but I don't even know how to make a cow. I've worked with this before but I just don't know what to do. Anyone that doesn't mind helping me through chat on skype or something? It's very important.
Learn zbrush and sculpt
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copy paste this


search for a cow there (choose one you liked or one that could be downloaded)

see the yellow squares on the pic that i posted? play with those for deforming the model. you could also use "creepy" textures.
if you still don't know how to do it try searching on yt for c4d modeling tutorials.
but that would take him a couple of weeks
Cinema 4d it's said to have a great interface and animation tools, but for modeling is shit, you are better downloading any other software like blender, or zbrush and then transfering those files for animation to cinema
If OP can't C4d, he probably can't do a 3 way pipeline.
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get fucked man, c4d is great for modeling

Trips of truth.

I have a lot of fun modeling in C4D. The hotkeys and functions are intuitive, and the interface is fucking unparalleled.

C4D is highly underrated.

OP, start with a box, subdivide it, and box-model that shit. Here's a tut to get you started. You're obviously going to need to spend some time on it; modeling organic forms is always going to be trickier than inanimate stuff. I believe in you.

File: cinemajoke.jpg (175 KB, 1000x520)
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Literally never had something like this happen, and I've used the symmetry for humans, ships, etc.
whoever thinks that C4d is bad must go and die instantly
I don't know why I started learning maya but after c4d this interface is IDK... is it made by russians?(maya interface)??
how the fuck can not they change this shit to any better ???
I use C4D at work alongside with Maya, while I love the C4D interface and the VFX tools are really powerful I choose to do most of the modeling in Maya, or when I'm having issues with a model and I can't seem to get it right with C4D I switch off to Maya and try to go from there.

C4D has very powerful tools but they're a bit hard to use right, I really like how you can create and assign materials real fast, but for modeling it's not my go-to software.

I wish C4D had the power Maya has for modeling while keeping that interface, I'm sure you can do almost all you can do with Maya on C4D but I can't seem to figure it out sometimes.

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