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File: rip.jpg (58 KB, 704x677)
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Hi there /3/

I wanted to know if someone could help me?

I would like to 3D print a video game character to paint-up as a static model, I am a novice air-brusher.

I wanted to ask if someone would be able to extract the model of the player character from Doom4 and maybe a weapon model (super shotgun?) and convert it to a 3D printer file and make it available for me to download..

The model will most likely need to be posed appropriately.

I don't really have anything to offer in return except for photos of the finished model airbrushed and looking amazing..

Can anyone help me out?
File: PraetorSuit.png (1.27 MB, 890x1080)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
perhaps I could get two printed, then paint up both and post one as payment?
not sure if any artist would help you commit this felony

maybe you can ask "fanart" model from really good sculptor but it would cost you a fortune

felony? You're joking right?

I would extract the model file myself but I am unable to get the resource browsing program to run..

It's not complicated, people have been extracting all sorts of model files from this game and 3D printing them... I highly doubt the studio or publisher are going to anything about some hobbyists..
its not possible because the game model is lowpolygon with normal map.

meaning all the detail you see on the suit does not really exist in the gamemodel itself, but only in the highpoly sculpt someone made
File: doomguy.jpg (53 KB, 890x831)
53 KB
never mind guys, I have retrieved the files and found out what I need to do to get it prepared for printing.

Someone has already 3D printed the mini collectable toys that you find hidden within the game, they are like bobble-heads - so I presume the same is true for other models.
model looks like ass without the normal map to be honest senpai
you would need to add some polies here and there to make it look somewhat decent
you're going to need to sculpt the detail back on m8
why are doom's legs so short. he looks like a manlet
can't you add the normal map on as geometry
I don't know I've never heard of that
you can't convert low pol + normal to geometry but you can convert a normal map to a displacement map
yeah with some work
you can get a displacement map out of a normal map
bump up the model resolution, then displace the smoothed geo
some hand cleanup, and should look not shit enough for a 3d print
I dont think op has the technical know for that. If he did he wouldn't be here in the first place.


zbrush does that
His print is going to look like shit then
Gears of war disease lol

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