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What's the best/your favorite texturing solution?
The best solution is photoshop, my favorite solution is photoshop. /thread.

Honorable mention goes to substance, mari and mudbox.
The best solution is the tool or a combination of tools which gives you the best result in a minimal amount of time, and you have fun doing it.
The old school method i use everytime: Photoshop.
Photoshop is the hub, where the layers and elements get assembled.
But for 2d painting on the texture itself i often use Krita. Especially for characters because of the symmetry tool, and for tileable textures because of the tile workflow.
If i want to paint directly on the model i use either Mari for very complex models with UDIMs and high texture resolution, or Substance Painter.
For hard surface tiles, panels, modular pieces i use Substance Designer.
I also create my own substances to use in Painter. Sometimes i consume illegal substances while i design substances with substance designer.
I also use quixel NDO from time to time to convert drawn height maps to normal maps.
I haven't had the time or motivation to learn the DDO drawing workflow.
Maybe i should.
My faverorite workflow is to switch inbetween all these tools and find the best one for the actual job. Or the one my computer handles flawless without hiccup.
>Sometimes i consume illegal substances while i design substances with substance designer.

can only recommend you

I love strictly substance designer after I bake my maps from 3D/xnormal/whatever.
-And I create everything from scratch within SD.
No more copy/pasting from cgtextures.

I can't go back to photoshop.
I only use it to make brushes, which I use in SD.

I tried quixel before version 2 came out, and it was just too resource intensive, files were HUGE and sliders didn't offer nearly as must customization as substance designer.

Maybe I would have suck with quixel if I didn't discover SD first.
It's the opposite here, my PC seems to choke on Substance Designer/Painter (Still useable) but Quixel runs fine.
Don't know if it's the age of my CPU showing, the 8 gigs of RAM I've got or the fact that I'm running a Fury. My system runs games flawlessly, but there's half a dozen or so 3D programs where it just shits the bed.
Substance painter. It just works. In a hurry auto unwrap and generators and smart materials and you have a passable generic prop done in 10 minutes from no UV model to in engine asset.

If you have time you can do amazing things as it is very versatile and powerful.
Iray is fantastic too
Substance painter question.

Am I missing something or does it actually handle smaller details and diagonal strokes kinda poorly? I would always get jagged edges, even after exporting it to 4096.
Yeah, i 've got this a couple of times.
Do you paint with a small brush and hardness at 100%?
Try to decrease the hardness to 95, that should make edges more soft and avoid jagges edges.
Is there a way to paint in formats suitable for older engines in Substance/Quixel, ie. just diffuse, spec and normal/bump, and get an accurate viewport preview of what that might look like in-engine?
Substance Designer/Painter allow you to set your project to that, so yea
Depends on what I am doing, I tend to go Zbrush>3DS Max>Substance Designer, but if I am going for a more stylized look or can't be arsed to do Substance Designer I'll use Painter and PS

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