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Hello /3/.
I'm looking for help with 3d models and animations .
I'm new with 3D modeling , and I still dont know many things about it. The biggest question that keep bugging me , is it worth it to Rig models , or it's better to animate with your model bones . I'm asking this , because I'm working alone with games graphics , like the model in the file , and I try to save as much time as possible on my projects.
Also , I wanted to know what is the best number of poligons for a hero of the game and simpe units, also , how much poligons are too much for a single map (I'm creating maps in my modeling program).
Sorry if these questions sound stupid , but if you would anwser them , it would really help me out with my work.
Most games have rigged models as it's easier to animate with a rig and non destructive.

Polygon counts depends on the type of game. Uncharted 4 characters have upwards of 100k but an RTS might have just 5k.

Get xnalara and download some models from different types of games to get the best idea.
Best to get into the habit of rigging controls and animating those rather than directly animating the joints. It's a little lazy doing it the latter way and on the plus side you get some practice rigging.

As for the poly count I second the comment above me. Definitely depends on the context: what engine, what genre of game, are the backgrounds 3d or mapped images, is the character a classic biped or something else. Last month I did some freelance character for a mobile game built in Unity and the guy asked me to keep the tris below 3k. There were a lot of props and the backgrounds were pretty dense.
Thanks for your help , that should help me out with my work.
there are actual paths you can take. If you want to be an modeller study drawing and sculpture. If you want to rig study programming in the desired rigging program. If you want to do it all, know that it will take atleast 10 years and you will not be as good artist as ytou couldve been if you insted were studying sculpture and drawing/painting. Now animating is a complete different subject. its another art field on its own. knowing all the 3 things is hard, and it will take a lifetime of study to do it all properly. i know how to use the tools to get a concept and put a character animated on unity. But i know its far from perfect. and i still cant automate because i never took the time to learn how to script in python. Think about it a bit, and keep studying.
samefag, also about the number of polygons. Its not about you to figure that out. Your job as an artist is to make pretty stuff. If it looks good its fine. The limit is given by the programmer. His job includes stress tests to know the polycount limits. nowadays polycount is only a concern on mobile. 5 years ago people used to put 30k to 40k tris on pc games. and no one gave a flying fuck. I dont even know whats the limits nowadays. So keep in mind that knowing the limits is important but only the programmer will tell you the right ammount.

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