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Has anyone here taken this exam? Is it difficult? I know there are three tiers, user being the easiest and professional being the hardest.
If you have taken it, what's a good way to study for it? As in like specific sections that were on the test, not just general overall knowledge of maya. Lastly, is it worth taking? Thanks
it's just a photoshopped piece of paper with your name on it.

Just focus on your reel and portfolio. All else doesn't mean shit, except for bragging rights.
you can have as many certificates as you want but that doesnt prove your worth
Some 4 years ago I took 3ds max certificate exam just to see what it is all about. Absolutely worthless. These certificates are designed in a way, so that people who just take a quick course of a program could then take the exam, and feel good about themselves, like they actually know something. In a no way this represent your actual knowledge and capapibilities.
yes and no, even if a complete retard can pass those exams, it has some pros IRL

imagine if two people with awesome reels ask for a job but the company just needs one
one of them has an awesome reel
the other has an awesome reel AND a certification
they'll choose that fag, of course

However, if you are planing to go full free-lancer it doesn't mean SHIT

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