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What's the best uv's for 3d painting?

I have been trying to 3d paint a post box but it is a bit of a struggle cause mudbox just crashes with-in 5 - 10 minutes of using it but, I was wondering how the uv's should be.

For example I wouldn't assume it would matter on their layout cause i'll just be painting onto the uv's. So if I out my model into blender and do a smart uv projection it just lays out the uv map everywhere. I know this is isn't amazing for texturing but does it matter for 3d painting?

Pic related, this is the uv i am using at the moment because I chose to texture in the node editor using blend nodes and such so it is relatively neat. but could the uv's just be anywhere as long as they are visible for 3d painting?
To be honest you can just shit on how they are cutout when they are at least scaled right

It depends. Strictly speaking only 2 things are important:

- avoid stretching and pinching as much as possible, to avoid a warped texture
- make sure that all UVs are scaled correct, to avoid texel size differences.


- if you use small textures, it can be helpful to line up faces nice and straight so you won't see individual pixels too clearly.
- to make baking normals, ao ,etc. easier, you might want to have bigger/fewer UV islands, to reduce the risks of seams.
- also, having bigger/fewer islands decreases the risk of edge bleeding.

so, when I look at your example, I'm wondering why you have a bunch of loose faces that would be much better connected to other faces.
>>525649 ok right, that's what I thought

>>525666 yep cheers that makes perfect sense, thanks

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