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what do the anons from /3/ think about them?
why and even and bother
Remember when voxels didn't mean cubes?
voxels are cubes by definition. Though you don't have to *render* them as cubes.
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Voxels are arrays of grids with equal distance to each other, represented by points. Only if you render them as cubes they are cubes.

Here is a voxel model that is not cubes.
I'm afraid you are mistaking voxels for point clouds. voxels are the 3D equivalents of pixels. and, AFAIK, pixels are squares.
No, he's right, voxels are like points in a point cloud, but they are usually put in 3d arrays [x][y][z] and hold a color value, but you can represent them by whaever you want as they are points.
Voxel models are currently completely useless for anything gaming related that isn't a gimmick because of the amount of extra performance they demand just to do simple stuff like animation and physics. It'll be a real long time before they're as viable for graphics as polygons currently are, and even then it's still more likely that polygon technology will simply evolve further rather than a switch to Voxels happening. They're doomed to be a gimmick.

Gimmicky low-fi applications like using them for a gore system as >>525643 seems to suggest are neat though.
fast to make models, free programs. why not? you can finish a game in a month if you are alone and can program.
actually the voxel technology is indeed not useable. Because you cant animate with that properly. But there are some programs that will triangulate the voxels in a smart way and then you can use it as a regular game asset. thisway it will save time. https://voxel.codeplex.com/ check this out. a dude in twitch finished a randomgen survival/exploration game in a month using just this program and unity.
same could easily said about poly models, it'd be far more efficient performance wise too.
voxels based turned in polygons are faster to make. the problem you cant animate. but still its fast as fuck to make.
How does zbrush handle deforming items in real time?

It's possible you might see more voxels when GPUs have 16gb or 32gb of memory isn't it? For something static like terrain aren't they just memory intensive.

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