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Are there any guides/tutorials out there on whats a good rule of thumb for stopping at the low poly model then making a high poly model to bake from?

I guess what I'm getting at is I don't know how much detail I should add to the low poly model before I switch to a high poly version to bake from.

This is an image from a tutorial I have and it shows how to do this but doesnt really go over how much detail to add.
which tutorial is it?

It's a really good tutorial but I wish he would elaborate on some stuff.
polygons are for silhouette and functionality. texture maps take care of the rest.
really depending on how many loops you need for facetopology and carry on from there, there is no agreed number

for hard surface objects you can simply decimate and shrinkwrap then bake with selected to active
dont support that cubebrush cuck. he was flaming users on cgpeers for downloading his tutorial, and on his profile it was full of downloads, when he got called out he deleted his profile

It it's bigger than an inch model it.
Is CGPeers a good site for finding tutorials and stuff? Im just a begginer and I think it might be a good site. It seems it opens it registration process on the 15th. Do you recomend me to wait?

if you like.
a lot of professionals use it, quixels community manager is on there too

i mean lets be fair how many people are willing to pay $2000 for zbrush. the only time its paid for is when a production studio is using it or a successful artist who can afford it
I got it for 600 as a student
600 is still too much...
Why? You will never be hassled for using it as a student. Nobody will ever find out you're using an illegal copy as a student. Paying 600 dollars for the student version is retarded.

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