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Lets say I have two bones, A "Root" bone and a "Child" bone, the "Child" bone has the "Root" bone set as its parent. How can I make it keep its world position while the parent moves?
Now, the reason I ask is because I want to create some "root motion" animations for UE4 (which I have gotten working) but since the root bone moves during the animation, its really hard(or as far as i can see; impossible) to keep the IK targets I use in the same place while the "Root" bone moves.
As an example see webm-related(by me): http://webmshare.com/nq8qa (I'm aware that this animation is horrible for root motion and in this case it won't be used)
But in that rig I have the head as the root bone, when it bobs up and down I'd still like to be able to keep the IK targets located at the feet still without bobbing with the head bone!
Any suggestions on how to do this? The easiest thing would obviously be if I could copy the world position of a bone and then paste it on the next keyframe, but I can't for the life of me find that sort of functionality!
Now another important aspect is that i can have only ONE root bone and the root bone HAS to be animated. Using the "child of" constraint doesn't work for this reason as the "child" in that case is not an actual hierarchical child to the "parent".
(All these constraints are put on me by UE4, one of the biggest engines out there)

Asked this everywhere, nobody knows. Why is Blender this stunted? It feels like its basic functionality that they decided to leave out and instead made fancier loading bars.
you need music for that WebM

File: dwdwdw0022.webm (1.18 MB, 1672x995)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB WEBM
Are you actually use ik at all?
Your post sounds like you didn't. Anyway, if you didn't make an object that will control your bone chain, in your case a leg, make it at the tip of the leg you want to control, then put the armature in, oh fuck that, why don't I make you a video it will be faster.
is the body and the tip of the arm both use IK thats connected to one another ?
File: fagget.webm (2.35 MB, 1280x720)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB WEBM
File: dva.png (371 KB, 964x1221)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
You should not have your root as the parent of the IK target. Instead you have a common parent bone for both, ie your character root and your IK targets are all parented to a global root, that's usually at ground level. That way, when you want to move the whole rig you move the rig root, and when you want bobbing you move the character root

Here in my pic the highlighted circle with arrows is the true root, but the character root is the hip bone.
that's rude :^(
butt helpful :^)
>go to /3/
>act like a fag(muh blender can't do anything, without even trying)
>get told(with help)
>t-that's ruuuuuude, waaaaaaaaaaah
more rude :o
File: rocket1.jpg (159 KB, 1235x1350)
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159 KB JPG
That's brilliant, I love the spirit of /3/ tutorials
I'm saving this :D <3
Highjacking this thread for a quick blender question:

(forgot how to do it)

let's say I have a rigged model and I want to make the arms bigger, how can I achieve this while making "permanent" changes to the mesh while NOT applying the armature (since the armature would vanish when applying and I want to keep using it with that particular mesh)?

I just want to change the proportions of the mesh without those changes being gone in case I decided to remove the armature later.
More like tits on xnalara/xps models.
Nevermind, I found out a way.

>made arms larger in pose mode
>copied armature modifier and applied the top one
>back to pose mode and applied as new rest pose

I prefer making the changes quickly by scaling the bones instead of making the changes on the mesh and then re-arranging the bones accordingly to the mesh.
i will never rig anything in blender. the reason is simple : rigging is complex enough as it is, no need to confuse things with a fucking Z up axis.
I like this
File: Here we go again.jpg (26 KB, 294x294)
26 KB
>confuse things with a fucking Z up axis.
pic related

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