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Guys i need help! I'm trying to do a bake light in my model. All of my objects are unwraped with no Atribute Subdivision on, and its set as "map1".

I need to smooth my objects, ok. I smooth, and then the fuckers changes to "map11". But i don't want it to change to map11 godammit...

I'm trying to solve it for days and hours, i cant find the solution. I want to do a bake, but this fucking map11 keeps appearing and its annoying and i can't render it...

Please help i'm almost killing myself
Oh, lets just rename it, right? Well, it isnt even working.. still "map11"... and with that, i can't render my bake textures...
delete map1 then rename map11 to map1?
Why can't you just bake to map11?
Why can't you just select all the meshes and apply map1?

This seems like a complete non issue.

I tried it. I tried to delet map1 but i cant because Maya says that you cant delete the default map.

Rename it, i did that too. It still appears as map11.
In Vray bakeOptions theres a "UV set selection". It only shows map1 to select, even when in the Texture Editor says map11. And yes, i cant change the map11 back to map1after i apply the smooth. In Texture editor. Dont know why.

I need to bake my objects with smooth and as map1. I do the smooth and it automatically changes the name to map11. Cant go back to map1 after that. Cant rename it. Cant delete map11. Thats the problem...

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