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Front end web developer here wanting to make the switch to the 3D modeling world. Need advice. Any Australian /3/ goers that can help me out? What's the industry like here?

Most of the job listings I find are all for architect grads and involve experience with AutoCAD / Revit whereas I'm aiming to get involved with the 3DS / Maya side of things. Am I doomed?
Dno what The eastern states are like. I'm in perth and it's fucking trash. Almost no local work in /3/ here. Don't waste your time. I gave up on trying to find 3D work here after looking for work while i learn for like 2-3 years.

>I'm in perth and it's fucking trash.

I feel you bro - not much for anyone into computers in this Boomer infested town - try SL and freelance - at least then you'll be able to get something for your skills.
autocade/revit is for engineering
What's SL?
second life i assume.

Yep SL = second life - lots of money for good mesh designers.
Learn SolidWorks or Inventor, engineering is a better job than 3d, you actually do things you can touch and feel proud about, /3/ is about autism, nothing is perfect to an artist, they never feel good about what they've done and basically 3d is a pain in the ass from a job perspective, you are an artist, therefore everything you do is subject to criticism from everyone, even non-artists.
>you are an artist, therefore everything you do is subject to criticism from everyone, even non-artists.

i.e You will always strive to improve and fix your faults

Anything you're designing in inventory will either work or it won't. If you bring aesthetics into your design then you face the same issues as an artist.

If you think artists can't create something they can feel proud about then you are the true autist.

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