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This year at college I have a subject on the basics of 3d modeling and animation (mostly theory) but I need to turn a very basic practical project in order to pass the subject. I have two to three weeks to make a very simple low poly character with texture and a very simple animation in Maya 2015.

The thing is, I don’t have now the time or skills to make it. So I am asking if anyone would like to help me out with this work (where in “help” I mean “make the work for me”).

As a reward, all I can afford is to buy you a game on Steam or transfer you the value to paypal, if you prefer.
Download a character off xnalara deviantart and just slap a new texture on it or cut and paste it from another model. Mesh moders can make very convincing new characters from frankensteining models together. Use mixamo to rig and download a sample animation.

Why are they mixing animation in with character modeling. These retarded courses man.
In the time you wrote that and posted it you could have been half done.
what do you mean you need a fully textured and rigged character in 3 weeks?
what have you been doing in college all this time?
ill do it dude, matter of fact i already have one ready
whats ur email

what are you trying to achieve?
just leave the college lol,
I don't get this kind of shit IMHO if you want to learn learn if you don't want to learn why the fuck are you wasting your time anyway?
OP your assignment isn't even hard. just get cracking and do it. they clearly aren't expecting you to have expertise of the subject matter. why are you even taking a course in 3d modeling/animation if it isn't something you can be bothered to learn?
He might be doing arch or something where he doesn't necessarily need to learn this but it's a required course. In my final semester we had to do an introductory course to 3ds max. We made chess pieces and animated them on the chessboard, made still rendering, etc. Seems whatever he's doing is much more in depth than what we did, though. Also, what a cheapskate! He wants us to do his final and he isn't even willing to pay more than ~$50.
File: cubeperspective2.jpg (4 KB, 192x186)
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I am doing a course on Computer Aesthetics and the 3D subject is just an minor optional 10h subject that (this year, due to lack of teachers from other subjects) is the only option that they gave to the students. (Very cool, an opcional subject where you have only one option to chose: 3D).

I am not trying to be lazy or something, it is jut that I am not really interested in 3D nor I have the time or skills to do this assignment. I'd rather put my efforts in the assignments of the other (more important) subjects. And since I only have three weeks, I decided sacrifice this 3D assignment in order to have time for the other assignments.

This is not even a "final assignment", its just some basic amateur lever animation (3 to 5 minutes) of some cartoon character doing some stuff or something, something expected from a student with 10h hours of 3D classes.

So, if you guys care to help me, send me an email to geral@aperstudio.com

best regards

my email is geral@aperstudio.com
>goes to school for learning
>doesn't do the work to learn

Good luck senpai
>3-5 minutes of animation
no way dude, your screwed

i suggest you actually pay a professional at this point

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