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Is there a Photoshop plugin that allows you to draw textures seamlessly?

I hate working with the offset filter. It's very limiting.
under '3D' there is a function called "new tiled painting". But it feels like a unfinished feature in the version I'm using anyways.
Krita has, it's called wrap around. Repeats the canvas in all directions and you can paint on it seamlessly. You can even zoom out a lot to check if there's any visible pattern.
you can simply use stamp clone tool

Will check that out.


I draw the textures from scratch, so that seems redundant, and will more likely become a visible seam.
Bumping for interest
yep its called the "make art" button, press it and voila u dont need to do a single thing, you just made an AAA art congrats
He asks if there is a 'wrap around canvas' you tard. Not if there is a one button solution. Something like that has been on texture artists wishlists for like ~20 years.

Never quite been done right (work in photoshop with N-number of layers etc) as far as I know.
Use KRITA for wrap around.
http://www.the-orange-box.com/portfolio/free-seamless-textures-generator-v-2/ check this out, it worked a little for me but, I still think that nothing can beat the manual way of creating seamless textures. Not cheap anyway.

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