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I allowed this.
nice background
Actually I was more focused on the background :)
I added the foreground quickly in the last moment. Simple model in 3d, texturing in photoshop. It is the first time I do that.
File: 1380697092809.jpg (42 KB, 479x720)
42 KB
someone should do the 3d version of the fedora guy
Not sure what you mean by allowed. The foreground building has clouds around it, the background buildings only have mist/fog.
Those tall background buildings are completely retarded in design.
using 4 different coloured lights on the ship makes no sense and looks stupid.
The building in the foreground has too much AO.
that CA is a bit weak. Make it stronger so the effect is more real.
Sorry but what do you mean by CA?
Sorry to say it this bluntly, but the ship looks like shit.
The form is way to basic and generic.
The greeble stuff looks horrible-unoriginal, simple and has absolutely no meaning or function.
Materials/shading/lighting/compositing looks ok.
You seem to have enough technical knowledge, but a good architect/ship-designer, you are not.
If you are interested in doing futuristic architecture and vehicles i would advice to look at real examples of good structural engineering as well as modern industrial vehicle design.
Get as busy as a bee and you'll get good.
File: plate and ref.jpg (822 KB, 938x1232)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
My main focus was to train myself in matte painting. I had very limited time so I modeled the ship in 15 minutes, while looking at some generic references. The image took about 14 hours to produce. You can see my plate and reference. I used the second to manipulate the contrast values and colors in the plate. It took some mask painting to achieve the atmospheric depth I wanted, with warm colors close to the camera and the blue to green to the background. Then I painted the buildings using different techniques. You are right the ship is nothing special as a design, it wasn't my intention to impress with that. I could easily get carried away with modeling but I really wanted to avoid that.

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