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Hi guys, first time using zbrush I figured the best way to get good was to just work on the human body. How am I doing so far?
>first time
>model something as complex as a body
Nigga are you for real right now?
Start off with something simpler and smaller, like a hand or a tree log.

But for the most part this looks pretty good (for a firts time). Keep on going.

Don't start with a figure.

Create a skeleton first. Learn how the muscles attach to the skeleton and make an ecorche. This will greatly improve skin sculpts.

mama didn't raise no bitch
Frieza called. He wants his body back
he doesn't seem to have hands op
An ecorche is a good idea to improve anatomy but you're doing fine for your first time Op. Your anatomy is off so I'd suggest you make sure you're using good reference and constantly refering back to it while you work. Keep it up dude.
you dont understand anatomy well enough clearly, load a reference image into zbrush and work from that. Should be many profile shots of a human for free on google. don't focus on fine details before you have the entire shape blocked out or you will run into many issues down the road.
Don't make everything one piece.
watch this
the problem isn't that op doesn't understand anatomy (well, i mean that is a problem, but it's of the least concern); the problem is that the op doesn't understand the basic volumes underlying what they're trying to create. OP, you need to gain a better understanding of the general volumes and masses that define the human form before worrying about so much detail. gain an understanding of the hard volumes like the skeleton, the ribcage, the pelvis, the skull, etc, and gain an understanding of their proportions and how those volumes define what you see when you look at a person. you need to understand how these general volumes work, and how gravity affects these volumes and why they are proportioned the way they are, before you should worry about getting really detailed. your sculpt is incredibly stiff and two-dimensional. think about how much mass the skeleton balances. think about the curvature of the skeleton. think about how heavy the torso and the rest of the top of the body must be. how does the curvature support that? how is weight distributed and support from the lower leg to the upper leg to the pelvis to the spine to the torso to the neck to the head? you have to keep these things in mind to create figures that look like they exist in the real world. all poses and figures are balancing acts; the human figure is one giant balancing act designed to fight against gravity and keep us upright. consider these things

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